Monday, 13 January 2014

Weekend Plus-size Style

If you are outgoing, not shy and just wanna feel good, then how would you dress? Well, for today's outing with my daughter, I chose something to complement my new hairstyle. Ok, so some would say I was trying too hard to look younger. Maybe! But why not? I am an independent woman who loves life. And guess what? My daughter don't mind, so shouldn't you.

Anyway, I had a choice between 2 dresses from Dorothy Perkins. The first one is a maroon dress with white flowers. Very casual, fitting for weekend shopping day. The wrap dress has cap sleeves and a waist tie. 100% Cotton. It is quite low neck, hence I had to wear an inner in white. Decided to match this with a pair of Schutz wedges in nude tone, and the brown Jim Thompson bag is a neutral choice.

My second option was a light cream dress with black and gold motives. It is a little high waisted, with a ribbon tie at the back. Bought this dress in Dubai Dorothy Perkins. However, I bought it in size 20, because I have thick arms. But this made the area under the armpit and the waist a bit frumpy. Think I will wait until I lose more weight before I wear this out in public! Anyway, I thought to match it with my Wallis tote, and again the nude Schutz wedges.

This is why I love Dorothy Perkins. They do come in sizes beyond 12. Plus-size heaven too!

So, between the two, I finally chose the maroon dress as the waistline is where it should be. So, plus-size girls, head on to Dorothy Perkins as they do have options for us.

Even though it was the weekend, I think we plus-size ladies still needs to look good. Don't go out wearing baggy boring clothes, coz it does reflect your personality. Don't give up. Perhaps, like me, you'll be even more motivated to lose the weight. So, in the meantime, dress well.

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