Thursday, 23 January 2014

Our World Epic Fail

Recently I went to get my hair washed and blown at My local hair stylist's. And you know how they will always give you a few magazines to keep you entertained as your hair gets full attention. An array of magazines were placed on the table, one of which had my favourite actress on the cover. It was the Malaysian Her World.

So, what I wanted to talk about today is how oblivious their editors are. One of the sections in this magazine is called herStyle Workshop. For this October issue (Ok, so I am reading 4 months backdated stories), they had 8 pages of fashion tips titled "look 5kg thinner now". I think the tips were excellent. I'd vouch for them.
From what I could recall, first tip was to wear pencil skirts. For curvy women, this work wonders. Which is why I wear them a lot to work. I think I have so many pencil skirts in many designs and colours. Also, you can wear at any length and it will still help to make you look slimmer, even for plus-size women.

Second tip was to wear shirt-dresses. Sooooo agree too. Shirt-dresses are great to create the silhouette of a slimmer figure. Add a belt and maybe leggings will help too.

I cant recall anymore what was the rest. But if you get a chance, and come upon the magazine, read up. Because they were good tips.

But the thing that baffled me was how they used stick thin women to model their recommended clothes. And the model was really really thin. You look at the legs and you know the model is skinny. So, basically the magazine failed to show that the clothes and the style actually helped to give the illusion it's suppose to.

Why write articles and tips for curvy women, when you use stick thin models? It just does not make sense. Weird really. Epic fail as my daughter would call that.

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