Thursday, 9 January 2014

Prepping for the weekend

Weekend's finally creeping up on me. Finally smiled today. Has not been a great week at work. But business definitely going well. Made more sales the other night. Friends asked me to upload photos of dresses that I have for sale here on my blog. Tapi macam malas aje. Not lazy to sell, but I'd want them to be professionally photographed, or at least decent enough to look appealing. Remember some earlier post of them dress? Not up to the standard I'd expect from someone selling clothes ya! hahahah!

Will try to make time this weekend to shoot them clothes ok. But will need models. Any takers? hehehe..

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Weddings to attend? Shopping? Class? Getaway perhaps? It is a long weekend after all. Yes, here in Malaysia, next Tuesday is a holiday. So, safe to assume many would be taking Monday off.

For me, I'd make the best of this weekend as I will be working next weekend the 18th, and it is in some rural area....yikes.

Think I need retail therapy....


abracabling said...

i can be your model!! hihi

Shasha Shahabudin said...

come come!!! Lets go shopping one day!