Monday, 30 December 2013

Go with the Flow

Another great buy I just discovered today from my Bangkok stash is the maxi flowy dress. When I tried it on in Bangkok immediately after the purchase, I wasn't too impressed. I felt that probably only tall lanky women could pull it off. Never in a million years I imagined I'd look and feel great in it.

The design I fell in love with had geometric design on it, in white and grey. It is sleeveless, and falls to my ankle. Here's a photo of me in it in Bangkok...

So, today, I decided to explore and play with this dress. Initially I tried it on with the thick spandex belt, but it only emphasized my tummy, instead of giving me a waist. I then switched to a thin black belt, and to hide my arm, I put on my short blazer with three quarter sleeves. Slipped on my grey open toe wedges, and added on a simple black earring and my favourite turquoise ring. For work, I usually tie up my hair in a bun. And voila!

Any good?

By the way, I also have 2 other maxi flowy dress for sale. It's only at RM50 each. Leave a comment if you are interested to buy them. The blue printed dress is with short sleeves. They're both ankle length and has a knee-length inner.

Handbags For Plus-Size

Accessories Part Tres

So, what is the one essential a woman would and should never forget to bring with her? Her purse! A handbag. A pouch. A clutch. A bag. Anything to hold those little important bits - money, her smartphone, her cards, her lipstick, her tissue, her powder. Anything. Sometimes she'd carry a big bag that would also contain first aid kit, wet wipes, nail clipper, nail filer, pen etc. Yes, a woman is always with a bag.

I love my bags. I love matching clothes with bags. It may not match in colors, nor must it match with shoes (as I had stated in an earlier post), as long as it compliments the outfit. Bags, as we know it, comes in different shapes and sizes, apart from colour and material. Bags should not drown your outfit either. So, here are some ideas on what to wear with what on which occasion:

If you work in an office, there's a certain level of professionalism that you need to maintain. Outfits in a formal office requires for a non-flashy leather bag that is not too small nor too big. Be it leather or even PVC or fabric, one colour, simple designs are considered the better choice. While you might not be able to play much with the glittery side, you could always experiment with colours. Black and brown are the obvious choice, but don’t be scared to try bags that are red or purple. When you wear colour, just like work clothes, it exudes confidence. Also it conveys your emotion and mood. Always better to seem cheerful and happy. Black and brown gets boring, especially if you are wearing that same colour. When you wear black, it is always nicer to use coloured bags, and shoes. Try out prints. Leopards are the rave now. If your outfit is plain, print helps to provide the excitement to an otherwise dull outfit (Though I'd suggest to drop the dull clothes!). Suitable bags for work are: Structured bag, shoulder bags, hobos, doctor bags and even draw strings. Sometimes baquette works too, as long as you are one of those who uses a small purse.

Sergio Rossi Leopard Suede Shoulder Bag

Depends on your outfit, bags for casual wear is much easier to choose. In fact, we don't even need to match with anything. However, being the size that we are, do avoid real big bags. That just adds on to our "weight", visually. Contrary to popular belief, small bags does not make a woman look bigger. In fact, the lesser items you have on, the better. I think those so-called advises that plus-size woman should wear big bags are misguided and just silly. No, we do not want to put on more weight. So, for casual wear, bags like hobos, draw strings, totes are recommended. Don't ever wear crossbody if possible. Either have your bag over your shoulder, or carry over arm. But do avoid big prints. Even on clothes I suggest plus-sizes to NEVER wear big prints, either on clothes or even on bags. NO-NO!

Coach Laura Signature Tote

Now, here's my favourite! I am crazy over evening bags. My favourite at the moment is the minaudiere. Minaudiere became popular when Alexander McQueen came out with the skull designs. It inspired so many designs in the market now, in so many colours and sizes. Since evening wear is all about showing off your elegant dress or oozing of elegance, then always use a small bag/purse. So, apart from minaudiere, clutches and also tube clutches are recommended. Sometimes, even an envelope purse can look elegant. If you are wearing a glittery dress, then use only a simple 1 colour clutch. However, if your dress is a little black dress, that's when you can be playful and use diamonte kind of bags. Again, keep the size of your bag small. You do not want the headache and discomfort of carrying a big bag and definitely not to overshadow your outfit. Again, forget about taboo that plus-size cannot wear small bags. That is simply not true! As I had shown in my earlier blog, a small clutch can make that outfit complete.

Alexander McQueen Minaudière

Ok, so there you go. 3 basic wear for bags. Hope this helped.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Plus point for Debenhams

Amazing!! My favourite UK Retailer,  Debenhams used a more ‘real’ advertising approach in their latest catalog back in June. Debenhams vowed to stop using airbrushed models in their advertising campaigns and have now taken it a step further in their latest catalogue, using unconventional models - with disabilities as well as customers, older models and plus size models. They believe they can sell their clothes using real people and they are very serious about it, even to the extent of being one of the first retailers to have larger, curvier mannequins in their stores. They're also telling rivals that they have a "moral obligation" to follow suit.

The Telegraph UK reported that Debenhams‘ main goal in making these advertising changes was due to several studies claiming that airbrushed images of supermodels and celebrities were affecting the self-esteem of young girls. No more using techniques such as arm slimming, thinning legs, whitening the eyes and teeth or "enhancing" the cleavage. Like all DI's for any photoshoot.

Sharon Webb, Debenhams head of lingerie buying and design, told The Telegraph UK:“We want to help customers feel confident about their figures without bombarding them with unattainable body images.”

For this I applaud them. Keeping it real for their real consumers. I guess this is why Debenhams is one of my favourite retailer. Here are some of the images that are available in their catalogue:

I hope other retailers will soon be as real too. Stick thin models only bring out the worst in people and they definitely influence the youth self-esteem. I have witnessed myself how a 9 year old refuses to eat as she thinks being skinny is the way of life. Being healthy is one thing, but skinny? Again, I do not condone being obese. But not everyone is lucky to have the skinny genes. And instead of encouraging us big girls to lose weight, some have resorted to mocking us, even ridiculing us. These images are the real story, and we just want to look good too.

2 thumbs up to Debenhams !!!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Wear Tie & Dye Dress

So, here's 2 looks I pulled off from the Bangkok purchase. My favourite tie & dye dress, made of rayon and spandex material, that I bought from a little shop in front of my hotel in Pratunam. I loved the heavy material, as it was also very comfortable to wear.

While in Bangkok, decided to wear this out for dinner just round the corner from our hotel. Little bit of make up, my favourite black bag from Wallis, and my trustworthy flats from Opera. I accessorized myself with a blue wooden bangle and red stones necklace which I bought in Chatuchak. The dress clung nicely around my knees, and loose around the centre. Hides the tummy really well.

Casual in Bangkok
Eventhough the dress is actually quite casual looking, but with the right accessories, I believe I made it look suitable for a night out. So, for the last Friday of 2013, my friend and I decided to go out partying, and again, I chose to wear this dress again.

As the design had pink and blue dye, I decided to match with my new light blue minaudiere, an Alexander McQueen inspired studded minaudiere. And of course my all-too-reliable shoes. My feet still hurts from all that shopping in Bangkok. Almost wore my flats last night, but knew I needed something to make me feel what option do I have but to wear my most comfortable high heels.

Fun in KL
Had on bangles I bought from Mauritius, a blue and pink ensemble, and wore my simple Chanel earrings. And I love big rings. so, put on my favourite turquoise ring from Forever21 to complete the look. Had my hair up in a bun, and yes, I am one of those who thinks having my hair up in front adds to the illusions of longer face (I believe it does!!).

Anyway, had a blast last night. And it's always a good sign when I get asked to dance by several guys...

Friday, 27 December 2013

Designers for Plus-Size

As the year is slowly coming to an end, lets look at the fashion trend that was. Oh why bother?! We're plus size. Nothing ever suits our body shape. So, don't bother being trendy. Just think about looking good, and feeling great. What you wear says a lot about yourself. Being trendy isn't everything. In fact, sometimes, being too in-trend can turn out to be tacky or even desperate. One needs to realize that fashion designers these days create clothing based on their stick thin model muse. There are but a few great designers out there that accepts women in all shapes and colours.

One in particular that I love is Tadashi Shoji. He dressed Octavia Spencer for the Oscars and since then, I have fallen in love with his work. Tadashi Shoji is known for designing for all ages, all ethnicities, and all figures. He uses figure-flattering techniques, such as draping, ruching, and shutter pleats, to accentuate the positives. His signature pieces include draped jersey gowns, pleated chiffon gowns, and shutter pleated cocktail dresses.

Another designer you can emulate for plus size is Jessica Simpson. Her collections are often made for all sizes. She dresses women in everyday clothing. Not high end, not for skinnies.

So ladies, we big girls don't have to be dressed in rags or huge sacks. Start googling, read about fashion that suits your figure. We may not have hour glass, but we can find things that would allow us to look good. There are ways to accentuate your figure, hide your bulges and slim you down, visually that is. So don't give up and do some homework.

I am not slim, nor am I tall. I am not even fair skinned, as many Asians are obsessed about. But I think I can look good, with that extra effort.

So, here's to a new year, with new hope!

Chatuchak the Vintage Haven

Who would've known that I'd find gems in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok. Vintage dresses were aplenty in this crazy maze of a place. Now, I know not everyone can pull off the look. But vintage dresses when worn with the right accessories can make a real chic style for both day and night. Both myself and Linda went absolutely crazy when we managed to find them amongst the many clothes that were on display here. We were trying them on over our clothes like nobody's business. Here are some that I am putting up for sale.
Blue checked dress with belt RM70.00

Olive green floral dress with double breasted buttons RM70.00
These dresses has linings and suitable for work. The olive green dress can be worn with a brown belt or even dark olive green belt. Put over a jacket, and voila, you'll look professional enough. And all under RM100. Now, isn't this a steal?

This dark blue sleeveless dress features a round neck, in a full shape skirt and a straight hem. Add a belt on if you wish to enhance your waist line. Surprisingly I could fit into this dress without any zippers nor is it of a stretchable material.

The black and white checked skater dress is something to be worn casually. It actually has a hooded collar that a plus size should never ever put above our head. We'll just look horrible huge when a matching hood cover our head...seriously. The hem is just about 3-4 inches above the knee. A great weekend dress, maybe to go shopping in, or just hang out with your gal pals.


p/s: I look horrible in the photos above. Didn't really get dolled up for this session. Got back to our room after shopping and immediately tried them on. Will be having a little tea party soon to show off my loot. Let me know if anyone if interested to join me. cheers.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

I Heart Bangkok!

It's Christmas eve and we're just resting in our favourite cafe here in Pratunam, The 93 Hotel. Cheap drinks. Good food. Friendly waiters. Mind you, not everyone is friendly in this city. We did come across some unpleasantness here. But all in all, it's been a great getaway. Money spent, feet turned jelly and body ached. But it was still great.

We've decided that Krung Thong Plaza is definitely a must-go for us looking for plus size clothes. We love HaBiBi the best. Anyone under size 16 will love this place. Pucci-inspired dresses and some retro design were aplenty.

Yesterday I had gotten a couple only, but today, I purchased several more gems from there. At RM70, this dress was a steal.

It comes in pink and grey as well. If you are interested to buy it off me, just message me.

My Big Fat Shopping Vacation

Best place to buy plus size clothes in Bangkok

I am officially calling this my big fat shopping vacation. No, didnt eat so much. In fact, did so much walking, I am sure I lost some calories. Day 3 in Bangkok turned out to be a great day. Chatuchak was a surprise. But Krung Thong Plaza was a bless. Before coming, we did research if this shopping haven had plus sizes clothes. Blogs, chats and websites had indicated that there was none. That it was limited due to how small Asians are. So, we were prepared to be further disappointed. But much to our surprise, Krung Thong and Platinum Mall left us feeling elated. Vintage dresses, blouses and even evening dresses were aplenty for curvy and big ladies. It was every where. It made us wonder how big those ladies were that wrote so negatively about shopping in Bangkok. I found so many things that we are now very worried about excess baggage. Here's a little sneak peek on my haul! This tie & dye dress is officially my favourite purchase from Bangkok. It is made of rayon and spandex and is so comfortable. It can be worn both casually and even for partying. In fact, with a jacket, I think I could easily wear this to work as well.

So, let me tell you about day 2 in Bangkok. We began our excursion to Krung Thong, which ended up with us lugging out 2 bags full of shopping. We had initially planned to just spend half a day in KT, and after lunch adjourn to Platinum Mall. That never happened until much later. In Krung Thong, we got lucky and found a great little vintage dress shop, Silaket on the 1st floor of the plaza. Mind you, they do not have ground floor, hence 1st floor to them is ground, and 2nd floor is 1st...weird much? Anyway, it catered specifically for plus-size women. However everything comes in only 1 size. I would imagine anyone above size US18 would not be happy here. The shop assistant did not allow us to try on the dresses and we weren't able to return them either, so that was the risk we had to take. But it was worth it. We came back the next day to purchase more dresses in fact. So, here we thought, that was it. This was the only shop in Bangkok for plus-size. Boy were we wrong! As we walked around, we found another shop. HaBiBi, also on the same floor that is not really meant for plus-sizes, but the dresses there free-size and hey, I could fit into them. Again, no trying. But the shop owner was nice and again, we came back the next day!

So, after filling up a bag full of items, we moved on. Realising it was already past lunch hour and we had not had anything since breakfast, we proceeded to the 5th floor where there was a food court. lo-and-behold, we found a whole floor of plus-sizes shops! Perhaps they knew fat chics would locate food court, they decided to place most of the plus-sizes shops here.

They are however, not my cuppatea. The clothes here were either too prom-like or very aunty-ish. But if that is what you seek, once in KT, go straight up to the 5th floor then.

After we had our quick bite, we decided to proceed to Platinum Mall. If we didn't, we know we'd regret it as we only had 1 full day left tomorrow to shop before heading back to KL. From KT, there is a bridge connecting the 2 malls. We went and got on the 3rd floor of Platinum Mall. Seriously we were both gawking like "jakuns" here. The place is huge and there were shops for plus-sizes everywhere. We couldn't help but wonder who are those people that blogged and said there were none. Our guess is these women are most likely sizes 22 and above.

My favourite shop in Platinum Mall is Panida. Located on the 3rd floor, this shop has muslimah clothing. Of course they did not have hijabs, but the dresses were long-sleeved and her mannequins had hijabs on.

I love the dresses here. They were not as cheap as KT's but it had quality. And best part is, she is super friendly. Again, we returned the next day for me to make more purchases, and she was even kind enough to allow me to "park" my shopping while I explore PM further.

Also in PM, we found accessories that are to die for. Of course, you need to really pick and choose as not everything is beautiful. In fact, you really need to spend some time here to mix and match items like earrings to necklaces.

All-in-all, day 3 in Bangkok was satisfying and made me a poor woman. But I think I found enough gems to share with everyone. Will update clothes and accessories for sale soon in this blog. 

So for now, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Day 2: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Ladies, if you like vintage style dresses, this is the place to go. Who would've thought I'd find dresses and lovely big ones too, in this giant of a place famous for bargain items. The dresses I got is mind numbing fabulous.

Our journey started from the Ratchadevi sky train to Mot Chi. Today, the middle class Thais were demonstrating in Silom, particularly at Victory Monument. We could see and hear them even from the train. But we were told that it won't effect other areas. So off we passed them and disembarked at MotChi station. From the station you could see how huge Chatuchak is. We were sceptical of finding clothes here. Thinking with only get household stuff or maybe just pasar malam clothes. But how wrong we were.

It was stalls and stalls of vintage dresses and at such a bargain. I believe we bought about 20 clothing items between the 2 of us. And we only spent about 500-800 only. In KL, ladies our size would've only gotten about 4 dresses the most.

It wasn't easy. We had to hunt for the right ones and countless of fittings to get our treasure. There were plenty for small sizes. But for us big beautiful girls, some digging had to be done. I must say, people there were friendlier than those in proper shops especially the malls. We not only had choices, they allowed us to try them on. You won't get that in malls.

Anyway, we're now resting after 5 hours of shopping. Ladies, Chatuchak is the place to go for dresses. Tomorrow we're finally going to check out Platinum Mall. Will update soon, with photos!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 1: Bangkok Sale

Lod ra kanoi dai mai ka? Apparently these are the words to bargain, I cant even memorise this, let alone the difference between thank you and hello...

And so my adventure in Bangkok begins. The weather is rather chilly, surprisingly. But we're going into the normal malls first. There's major Xmas sale happening in Central World, where the shops are open til midnight today. 70% heading there now and hoping to get some quality clothing at a cheap price. Will keep you guys posted ya.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Retail Therapy

Ok, so I will be gone for a bit. If I get wifi, I'll update this blog. But otherwise, I will be quiet for a while. As my title says, I am going on a retail therapy. And at the same time, some spa and relaxation too. I am heading off to Bangkok for a very long weekend, until Xmas.

My real intention is to check out Platinum Mall. It's claimed to be THE place to bargain shopping. Floors and floors of clothing shops. It's supposedly heaven for women. But I bet, our sizes would be limited. Thais are mostly small and skinny. With the exception of "enhanced" ladyboys and of course working girls. So, I would imagine I wont be too happy there. But who knows. Better I find out myself.

Booked my flight awhile back. Even managed to get boarding fairly near to the mall, I could just walk there. Checked out online and discovered that there're trolleys for sale all around that area. Mmm...I hope I won't get caught in some crazy Xmas shopping spree when I get there. Will definitely share if it's worth going again.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Burn fats or burn a hole in the wallet?

It's way past office hours and I am still in the office. When will I get to do a quick tour around the apartment block? In other words, I should be packing up and head on home to burn some fats!

I recently went on retail therapy for a pair of running shoes and also training shoes for my much needed jazzercise class. Hey, Nani! I promise I'll be there next month!

Now, here's a problem I am still facing. Where can someone my size find sports attire for less? Nani had introduced me to Sport Direct, a sports good warehouse. But we found nothing interesting enough to motivate us. Yes, I believe even for workout, we need to look good. We need to be inspired! Screaming instructors are not enough. I need to see a good looking me in the mirror too!

Shoes, pads, socks and other accessories are not a problem. But the clothes...the clothes!!! Good ones are just way too expensive!

Anyone knows where I can find them?

So, now, I am on a mission! Once I find it, I will definitely share on here! Wish me luck...gotta run!

Muffin Tops

This is an actual cupcake mold!
#Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds
He's not guilty, he is special this way!
Yummy? Not! It's not something you'll only find in bakeries. It's not just available at tea time. This delicacy is now everywhere. I am not talking about food here. But rather, those flabby extras you see, giving out extra curves you don't need. Instead of an hour-glass, you will achieve this...

Not many knows this term. And maybe that's why they are guilty of committing the sin! Or claim ignorance. We are all guilty of it, I think. Not everyone has model-like abdomen. Six, eight packs of toned muscles. Even average size women can make this mistake too.

But for us big girls, with all those excess food we consume, muffin tops are unavoidable. This is especially so when we wear jeans. Of course the best solution would be to lose weight and doing lots of crunches, sit-ups and helluvalot exercises! But for short term solution, get yourself a waist corset. An under-bust waist corset will help to tighten the flabs and gives you a slimming effect. It usually comes in 2 colours, skin tone or black. Sometimes it has hooks on the front, or it will come with a spandex belt with zipper.


Where to get them? Easy, just head over to Giant or Tesco. Usually the price ranges from RM49-RM69. If you see the RM29.90, don't buy it. It never stays nor cover the stomach. Wide range of sizes available. From S right to XXXL. And if you wear it often enough, you will graduate to smaller sizes. I have a big tummy, and I fit a XL or XXL depending on the cutting of the corset. I have them in both colours to suit the clothes and undergarments I wear. Yes, it is not comfortable. But you get used to it. For me, because it helps hide my bulges, I will bear with the pain. Initial pain at least. As I said, you tend to get used to it.

Think of it this way, the corset also helps us with our posture. Because your tummy is tucked in and basically, you have to breathe in because it's tight, you tend to sit up straight. So, it's like killing 2 birds with one stone.

Mind you, those corsets you get from the hypermarkets are not long term solutions. If you do want to shape your body, go for the high-end brands.

Try it, and let me know if this was useful information...Good luck!

Think Big

16. This number still haunts me. I am a size 16 on top and a 12 below. I have a big butt, fat thighs, and of course, a bloated tummy. Here's my mistake...I didn't look after myself after giving birth. Until today, I regretted not looking after myself. Didn't care to listen to the mid wife. Stupid move as I had actually lost a lot of weight during pregnancy. Now I suffer for my own error. I have tried dieting. You name it, I've tried it. Atkins, Herbalife, even taken the diet pill. When my daughter turned 2, I was at my heaviest. I had given up on looking after myself. I didn't care to dress up. I didn't care about myself. Then the big D happened. It was my own choice to leave him. Because I wasn't slim, because I wasn't good looking, people assumed he left me for another woman. And it was then that I realized that I needed to change. It is that perception that pushed me to look after myself. A few months after the divorce, I lost a good 18kg, but it wasn't enough. Sadly, I am still there. Yes, I've put on as well, and lost it again. But I can't seem to shed off more. I haven't given up on that. And I will still try.

But instead of sulking or hide behind my weight, I chose to just think big. Big with confidence. Big with dignity. No doubt, until today, I am still bullied by the likes of men. Shallow men who looks at arm candy. Women who thinks highly of their own appearance. And even by pondans whom probably was bullied as a child. Yes, I still face them today, especially at work. But that has not deterred me to keep striving to make myself better. I know that there are people who genuinely loves me, respects me, and looks up to me. So, when I get dress, it is for those that matters, and it is for myself. I am fat, I never denied that. I want to lose weight. But it is not for those shallow people. I want to lose weight for health reasons. I want to lose weight to live longer. I want to lose weight for my daughter. To live to see her married off and make children of her own. And I always tell myself to ignore those stupid comments from shallow people. And when I dress well, those haters become invisible to me. When I dress well, I know my presence is felt. When I dress well, I know I am admired. May not be by everyone. But by those who matters.

You don't need to wear expensive clothes to dress well. You don't need designer labels to feel confident. In fact, once you've mastered it, you will make cheap clothes look expensive. Learn to carry yourself better and you will exude confidence. We're not all lucky enough to be brimming with confidence at every moment, but there are ways to appear more confident. And that's by dressing well. Hence why I decided to start this blog.

I know so many women who has given up, and just complained and whined. Often it isn't their weight that pulls them back, but instead it is that lack of confidence. So many complained that it is difficult for them to find good clothes. A majority just chose to wear those big butterfly kaftans. When I googled plus sizes, there aren't that many sites that offers advise. They just sell ugly clothes to fat girls. Because to them, fat girls don't know how to dress, so design won't matter. Because fat girls can't fit into trendy styles, so they'll just settle for less. Fat girls don't have the desire to look good, that's why they're fat. Stop thinking that way! I look at the choices available, and I cringe.

I've been told I look good, despite my weight. Some even asked for my opinion about clothes, even by slim friends. I must be doing something right, no? So, here I am hoping to be able to share with you options. To explore and discover stores that sells "confidence" and maybe, just maybe shut every one of those shallow mouths. How am I doing so far?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Accessories: Part Dos

Apart from shoes, the other things I find hard to resist are costume jewelry. Not so much a fan of gold, or diamonds (but if one is slipped on my finger, I wont be able to say no). I'm not a snob when it comes to these. In fact, I don't mind cheap jewelry. Again, it all depends on how well you carry it off. It should complement, not make you look like a Christmas tree.

Before you decide on wearing any accessories, take a look at the clothes you are wearing or intending to wear. See if you even need accessorizing. Remember, accessorizing means it needs to complement or complete the look you want to pull off. With the wrong items, a very pretty dress can look horrible. But when you wear it right, a gunny sack can look avant garde. Oh, maybe avoid gunny sack all together please...

How to know when you need accessories? Simple. If the clothes you wear looks empty and plain, and if it shouts BORING! then please by all means wear something additional. For big girls especially, avoid chunky necklaces. Those big beads like Wilma Flinstones are a NO NO. No matter how plain your clothes are, don't wear big huge mother pearls or beads. The first thing you will lose is your neck. Being heavy set, often our neck becomes short. If you are one of those lucky big girls with long necks, then that's different. Wear wide flat necklaces, if the clothes fit or it has an open neckline.

Here are some options you can consider:

Wear these with plain clothes. Heavy designs, plus chunky necklaces will definitely make you look even bigger. Once you do wear big necklaces, keep your earrings simple. Dangling earrings will just over-power the clothes. Studs or small hoops, or even short dangles (not more than an inch or so) are still acceptable.

And please don't tie it too close to the neck. Let it hang loose a bit. But don't drape it on your already big boobs. Which I'm sure majority of us big girls will have. Why avoid draping? You certainly do not want eyes focusing on your breast. It should be the chest, and it should be because your outfit looks good. Now, I know some will say, "when you have it, flaunt it". Flaunt it tastefully! When you dress up, the attention on you should be because you ooze of confidence, not because you look desperate. Excuse the crudeness.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts about this, please do share. In fact, if you have photos of yourself looking hawt with the right accessories, show it here. Sometimes, I can be wrong. But when I am right, I love seeing the result.

Will share more soon. Good luck and Cheers.

P/s: Yes, I also sell those necklaces above.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Add Ons are a Turn On!

Some clothes are so plain that you will need to accessorise. By definition, according to the ever trusted wiki wiki, a fashion accessory is an item which is used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer's outfit. The term came into use in the 19th century. Accessories are often used to complete an outfit and are chosen to specifically complement the wearer's look.

Purses, handbags, shoes, hats, belts, jewellery, scarves, even watches are some of the typical accessories you will need to help accentuate or complete your wardrobe. I am one of them who loves to match every thing. Another habit I picked up from the ever vain but lovely bestfriend! Jangan marah...

Here's Accessories Part Uno!

I love shoes! Fortunately, I am not as bad as some, and I am not really brand conscious. I am however, crazy enough to buy the same shoes in different colours. I believe that if it is that comfortable and it looks great on you, get it, and get it all!

Here's my secret to selecting shoes...not the's not about how high the heel isn't about the shape...nor is it about the thickness of the heels. The one most important thing you need to check once you like a design is the lightness! Heavy shoes may feel safe and solid when you try them on. But as the hours go by, the heaviness is what will give your feet the pain. Light shoes allows your feet to be in control and regardless of your own body weight, it actually supports better and far more comfortable. You will not be dragged by your heavy foot.

And really, when you are big, flats are NEVER flattering. Besides, even an Orthopedic will tell you that flats are not good for the sole. Not long term at least. Always mix what you wear. Some are that crazy over high heels that eventually they will get back pain. So, have shoes for different occasions and different environment.

My favourite stores for shoes are:

Opera Shoes
Discovered this brand when I explored Paradigm Mall for the first time. Not sure how many outlets there are in Malaysia, but I've been to the one in One Utama and Paradigm Mall. Bought a few that I ended up buying into their membership as well. Hey, whenever I can get a discount, I'm game for all these memberships. A few months ago, got myself a pretty sexy pair of platform high heels. Not too high a platform, and it's partly plastic rubbery-thingy-majigue. And I am so in love with this shoes. I am in the media industry, and most times I am expected to dress up on duty. Meaning, I need pretty shoes that would allow me to run around. And this is that shoe! Got the pair at about RM139. But of course, you get 10% off with a membership card. It was well worth the money spent!

This design goes well with dresses, short or long. With Skirts - flare skirts. It help adds the flirtiness. Don't ever wear pretty heels like this with pants! With such a beautiful design on the ankle, why hide them? Big girls usually have fat ankles. But because it's made of rubber/plastic (I need to go learn about these materials!), it's elastic enough to fit any size.



Another great buy from Opera for me was these 2 fun design! Guilty! 2 shoes in different tones. But these were both bought during sale, with the pink one bought much later at a steal - RM39.90. Okay, here's where the matchy matchy comes in. You don't really need to match colours. But I just get peace of mind when I know I will have something in case the need arises. When you wear a plain white shirt and jeans or a simple dress, matching the bags and shoes helps. Cant remember where I got the blue bag. It was just at a nameless shop.

The YSL Easy Y Tote is a gift from the bestie. As always, she knows what I love! The unique pink coral colour is not easy to match. So, when I saw this pair of shoes in Opera, I immediately got it.


Here's a store that I will always have a love/hate relationship with. It's undeniably cheap. But with wrong choices, you will sometimes curse the shop for deceiving you into buying it. Then, being the shopaholic that I am, I often find myself dragging my soles into the store and trying on a few pairs. I must tell you, my favourite shoes are from Vincci. From my previous post, you'd have noticed that I mentioned the red wedges, that I also bought in 2 other colours - black and beige. They are so comfortable that I actually went on a witch hunt for the red pair after I got the black shoes. It is light. With ankle straps - that is a major plus point for me. And it was high enough to give me the illusion of height when I wore them. Bought the shoes at RM79...and recently saw it on sale at only RM35...Damnit!

I have big feet! And guess what? It's not even the same size! I sometimes wear a 7 or an 8, depending on the cut. Which is why, I would suggest buying shoes with ankle straps! It keeps your odd size feet in tact!

Chris Nica @ Isetan

Here's another favourite. And as I said before, I tend to buy ones I like in all shades possible. This is rather high, even for me. But It's still wearable for a few hours. At work, what I do is keep these under the desk and walk around in my slippers. But if I need to attend a meeting or meet the boss, slip on them power shoes and voila ~ Confidence!

I first found the leopard prints while shopping in Isetan for a clutch. The bags and shoes in Isetan KLCC are kept in the same area...uh oh! So, tried them on...NO SIZE!!! Walked away unhappy. A few days later, went out to what I thought would just be a window shopping session to Lot 10, and found my size there. I got these pair at about RM139, I think. Cant really remember now. But also saw the denim and yellow pair. Didn't buy them then. But as usual, wore the leopard, loved it, and went on another wild goose chase for the denim pair. Great news for me though, at the time I got the 2nd pair, it was on sale. So, happy and pleased because it's not a case of same design different colour. It was same design, but definitely meant for 2 different occasions. Casual and formal. Perfect.

So, there you go...a taste of my obsession. And this isn't the half of it!

My fixation with Debenhams

Here's a favourite dress I got from Jasper Conran at Debenhams. It's called a painter's dresscoat, I don't even know why. But it is a lovely sixties inspired dress with pockets on the sides and a nice matching belt. Well, you can create a slimmer effect by changing the belt to a solid 1-2 inches white belt too. I also matched this with a bright red wedges that I love from Vincci. I loved it so much that I bought all 3 colours - red, black and beige. Of course I'd rather wear this with a red bag, but this Anya Hindmarch gold handbag suits fine too.

I must admit that it isn't easy to find a dress like this for my size or even others. But this cut would suit all sizes, trust me. The belted waistline provides a slimming silhouette with the help of the flared skirt. I love wearing this. It's a bit heavy, but that keeps the dress down. I wear this to work, and it still works for evening cocktails too.

Another favourite label at Debenhams is Julien Macdonald. I love the fact that he does dresses with long sleeves. For us big girls, long sleeves is always the better option. Often our big arms will make a look quite off-putting. Yes, yes, we should be exercising it off. In due time ok! I am trying hard.

But anyway, yes, this is another dress that I bought from Debenhams which I love. It is a tunic under the label Star by Julien Macdonald which has a floral design with contrast chiffon sleeves with bejeweled cuffs and a plain neckline. Paired this off with a black Alexander Mcqueen-inspired clutch and again, my favourite red wedges, and I was ready for a night out with girlfriends. It is a rather short dress. But I am short anyway, so didn't look too bad. If you are over 5'5", I would strongly recommend wearing it with a plain black tights. Heck, if you are shy and feel you don't have nice legs, wear a black panty hose or tights. Me? I am naughty after all. And please, do look out when you bend over!

Bought both dress at a cost of about RM500 (together). For me, this is a steal! Good quality and it felt good wearing them. My best buy for the year!

Never too late to start

So, I may be a little late getting into this line. But as I got wiser, as I prefer to say it, I realised that there must be something more I can do in life. Day in and day out making money for others, there must be something I could do that I will love. Yes, I do love advertising. Marketing. But the growth is just way too slow for me.

I've been toying with this idea for a while now. With all the drama at work, I thought perhaps this could be a way out. I love shopping. I love dressing up. Yes, I am on the big side. Size 16 isn't small for sure. It is huge for Asian standards. But I know I dress well. I've gotten into the habit of taking my photo in the fitting room and sharing it with my bestfriend, Juanita, to get her opinion. Lo and behold, I suddenly realised I got a whole collection of them. Some friends even said that I should be advising some of our big friends on how to dress, or at least where to get them. Some has even asked where I bought my clothes.

If I cant sell the clothes, I know I should at least share my ideas and thoughts. I know dressing well has helped me in my confidence. I know it can help you too. I hate how some women just chose to wear loose ugly curtains thinking they cant pull of a look. I hate that they chose to hide behind their clothes. I hate how lazy they get. But most of all, I hate that they gave up.

Here are some of my favourite stores to shop in:
1. Dorothy Perkins
2. Wallis
3. Debenhams
4. H&M

Yes, unfortunately, most of the labels in Malaysia does not carry above size 12. But it is only because their "buyers" refuse to accept that there is a market for it. Asians are mostly small framed, even men. But there are big framed people who are slim, but requires a size 14. So, being sick and tired of this bias buyers, I am now on a mission to find good quality large clothes and will share them here. Even if I don't purchase them, I will show you where to get them.

Lets look good together!