Sunday, 22 December 2013


Day 2: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Ladies, if you like vintage style dresses, this is the place to go. Who would've thought I'd find dresses and lovely big ones too, in this giant of a place famous for bargain items. The dresses I got is mind numbing fabulous.

Our journey started from the Ratchadevi sky train to Mot Chi. Today, the middle class Thais were demonstrating in Silom, particularly at Victory Monument. We could see and hear them even from the train. But we were told that it won't effect other areas. So off we passed them and disembarked at MotChi station. From the station you could see how huge Chatuchak is. We were sceptical of finding clothes here. Thinking with only get household stuff or maybe just pasar malam clothes. But how wrong we were.

It was stalls and stalls of vintage dresses and at such a bargain. I believe we bought about 20 clothing items between the 2 of us. And we only spent about 500-800 only. In KL, ladies our size would've only gotten about 4 dresses the most.

It wasn't easy. We had to hunt for the right ones and countless of fittings to get our treasure. There were plenty for small sizes. But for us big beautiful girls, some digging had to be done. I must say, people there were friendlier than those in proper shops especially the malls. We not only had choices, they allowed us to try them on. You won't get that in malls.

Anyway, we're now resting after 5 hours of shopping. Ladies, Chatuchak is the place to go for dresses. Tomorrow we're finally going to check out Platinum Mall. Will update soon, with photos!

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Maya Korrs said...

Hello! Where in Chatuchak did you find vintage dresses for plus-size? You mean the 2nd hand dresses in the 2nd hand clothes section?