Friday, 20 December 2013

Retail Therapy

Ok, so I will be gone for a bit. If I get wifi, I'll update this blog. But otherwise, I will be quiet for a while. As my title says, I am going on a retail therapy. And at the same time, some spa and relaxation too. I am heading off to Bangkok for a very long weekend, until Xmas.

My real intention is to check out Platinum Mall. It's claimed to be THE place to bargain shopping. Floors and floors of clothing shops. It's supposedly heaven for women. But I bet, our sizes would be limited. Thais are mostly small and skinny. With the exception of "enhanced" ladyboys and of course working girls. So, I would imagine I wont be too happy there. But who knows. Better I find out myself.

Booked my flight awhile back. Even managed to get boarding fairly near to the mall, I could just walk there. Checked out online and discovered that there're trolleys for sale all around that area. Mmm...I hope I won't get caught in some crazy Xmas shopping spree when I get there. Will definitely share if it's worth going again.

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