Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Burn fats or burn a hole in the wallet?

It's way past office hours and I am still in the office. When will I get to do a quick tour around the apartment block? In other words, I should be packing up and head on home to burn some fats!

I recently went on retail therapy for a pair of running shoes and also training shoes for my much needed jazzercise class. Hey, Nani! I promise I'll be there next month!

Now, here's a problem I am still facing. Where can someone my size find sports attire for less? Nani had introduced me to Sport Direct, a sports good warehouse. But we found nothing interesting enough to motivate us. Yes, I believe even for workout, we need to look good. We need to be inspired! Screaming instructors are not enough. I need to see a good looking me in the mirror too!

Shoes, pads, socks and other accessories are not a problem. But the clothes...the clothes!!! Good ones are just way too expensive!

Anyone knows where I can find them?

So, now, I am on a mission! Once I find it, I will definitely share on here! Wish me luck...gotta run!

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