Monday, 16 December 2013

My fixation with Debenhams

Here's a favourite dress I got from Jasper Conran at Debenhams. It's called a painter's dresscoat, I don't even know why. But it is a lovely sixties inspired dress with pockets on the sides and a nice matching belt. Well, you can create a slimmer effect by changing the belt to a solid 1-2 inches white belt too. I also matched this with a bright red wedges that I love from Vincci. I loved it so much that I bought all 3 colours - red, black and beige. Of course I'd rather wear this with a red bag, but this Anya Hindmarch gold handbag suits fine too.

I must admit that it isn't easy to find a dress like this for my size or even others. But this cut would suit all sizes, trust me. The belted waistline provides a slimming silhouette with the help of the flared skirt. I love wearing this. It's a bit heavy, but that keeps the dress down. I wear this to work, and it still works for evening cocktails too.

Another favourite label at Debenhams is Julien Macdonald. I love the fact that he does dresses with long sleeves. For us big girls, long sleeves is always the better option. Often our big arms will make a look quite off-putting. Yes, yes, we should be exercising it off. In due time ok! I am trying hard.

But anyway, yes, this is another dress that I bought from Debenhams which I love. It is a tunic under the label Star by Julien Macdonald which has a floral design with contrast chiffon sleeves with bejeweled cuffs and a plain neckline. Paired this off with a black Alexander Mcqueen-inspired clutch and again, my favourite red wedges, and I was ready for a night out with girlfriends. It is a rather short dress. But I am short anyway, so didn't look too bad. If you are over 5'5", I would strongly recommend wearing it with a plain black tights. Heck, if you are shy and feel you don't have nice legs, wear a black panty hose or tights. Me? I am naughty after all. And please, do look out when you bend over!

Bought both dress at a cost of about RM500 (together). For me, this is a steal! Good quality and it felt good wearing them. My best buy for the year!


yati abdmanaf said...

Great tips babe. And you look smokin' hawtttt♥♥♥

Shasharina said...

Thanks babe. Will share more nanti. But if you have any thoughts, share la jugak ya.