Monday, 16 December 2013

Never too late to start

So, I may be a little late getting into this line. But as I got wiser, as I prefer to say it, I realised that there must be something more I can do in life. Day in and day out making money for others, there must be something I could do that I will love. Yes, I do love advertising. Marketing. But the growth is just way too slow for me.

I've been toying with this idea for a while now. With all the drama at work, I thought perhaps this could be a way out. I love shopping. I love dressing up. Yes, I am on the big side. Size 16 isn't small for sure. It is huge for Asian standards. But I know I dress well. I've gotten into the habit of taking my photo in the fitting room and sharing it with my bestfriend, Juanita, to get her opinion. Lo and behold, I suddenly realised I got a whole collection of them. Some friends even said that I should be advising some of our big friends on how to dress, or at least where to get them. Some has even asked where I bought my clothes.

If I cant sell the clothes, I know I should at least share my ideas and thoughts. I know dressing well has helped me in my confidence. I know it can help you too. I hate how some women just chose to wear loose ugly curtains thinking they cant pull of a look. I hate that they chose to hide behind their clothes. I hate how lazy they get. But most of all, I hate that they gave up.

Here are some of my favourite stores to shop in:
1. Dorothy Perkins
2. Wallis
3. Debenhams
4. H&M

Yes, unfortunately, most of the labels in Malaysia does not carry above size 12. But it is only because their "buyers" refuse to accept that there is a market for it. Asians are mostly small framed, even men. But there are big framed people who are slim, but requires a size 14. So, being sick and tired of this bias buyers, I am now on a mission to find good quality large clothes and will share them here. Even if I don't purchase them, I will show you where to get them.

Lets look good together!

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