Monday, 16 December 2013

Add Ons are a Turn On!

Some clothes are so plain that you will need to accessorise. By definition, according to the ever trusted wiki wiki, a fashion accessory is an item which is used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer's outfit. The term came into use in the 19th century. Accessories are often used to complete an outfit and are chosen to specifically complement the wearer's look.

Purses, handbags, shoes, hats, belts, jewellery, scarves, even watches are some of the typical accessories you will need to help accentuate or complete your wardrobe. I am one of them who loves to match every thing. Another habit I picked up from the ever vain but lovely bestfriend! Jangan marah...

Here's Accessories Part Uno!

I love shoes! Fortunately, I am not as bad as some, and I am not really brand conscious. I am however, crazy enough to buy the same shoes in different colours. I believe that if it is that comfortable and it looks great on you, get it, and get it all!

Here's my secret to selecting shoes...not the's not about how high the heel isn't about the shape...nor is it about the thickness of the heels. The one most important thing you need to check once you like a design is the lightness! Heavy shoes may feel safe and solid when you try them on. But as the hours go by, the heaviness is what will give your feet the pain. Light shoes allows your feet to be in control and regardless of your own body weight, it actually supports better and far more comfortable. You will not be dragged by your heavy foot.

And really, when you are big, flats are NEVER flattering. Besides, even an Orthopedic will tell you that flats are not good for the sole. Not long term at least. Always mix what you wear. Some are that crazy over high heels that eventually they will get back pain. So, have shoes for different occasions and different environment.

My favourite stores for shoes are:

Opera Shoes
Discovered this brand when I explored Paradigm Mall for the first time. Not sure how many outlets there are in Malaysia, but I've been to the one in One Utama and Paradigm Mall. Bought a few that I ended up buying into their membership as well. Hey, whenever I can get a discount, I'm game for all these memberships. A few months ago, got myself a pretty sexy pair of platform high heels. Not too high a platform, and it's partly plastic rubbery-thingy-majigue. And I am so in love with this shoes. I am in the media industry, and most times I am expected to dress up on duty. Meaning, I need pretty shoes that would allow me to run around. And this is that shoe! Got the pair at about RM139. But of course, you get 10% off with a membership card. It was well worth the money spent!

This design goes well with dresses, short or long. With Skirts - flare skirts. It help adds the flirtiness. Don't ever wear pretty heels like this with pants! With such a beautiful design on the ankle, why hide them? Big girls usually have fat ankles. But because it's made of rubber/plastic (I need to go learn about these materials!), it's elastic enough to fit any size.



Another great buy from Opera for me was these 2 fun design! Guilty! 2 shoes in different tones. But these were both bought during sale, with the pink one bought much later at a steal - RM39.90. Okay, here's where the matchy matchy comes in. You don't really need to match colours. But I just get peace of mind when I know I will have something in case the need arises. When you wear a plain white shirt and jeans or a simple dress, matching the bags and shoes helps. Cant remember where I got the blue bag. It was just at a nameless shop.

The YSL Easy Y Tote is a gift from the bestie. As always, she knows what I love! The unique pink coral colour is not easy to match. So, when I saw this pair of shoes in Opera, I immediately got it.


Here's a store that I will always have a love/hate relationship with. It's undeniably cheap. But with wrong choices, you will sometimes curse the shop for deceiving you into buying it. Then, being the shopaholic that I am, I often find myself dragging my soles into the store and trying on a few pairs. I must tell you, my favourite shoes are from Vincci. From my previous post, you'd have noticed that I mentioned the red wedges, that I also bought in 2 other colours - black and beige. They are so comfortable that I actually went on a witch hunt for the red pair after I got the black shoes. It is light. With ankle straps - that is a major plus point for me. And it was high enough to give me the illusion of height when I wore them. Bought the shoes at RM79...and recently saw it on sale at only RM35...Damnit!

I have big feet! And guess what? It's not even the same size! I sometimes wear a 7 or an 8, depending on the cut. Which is why, I would suggest buying shoes with ankle straps! It keeps your odd size feet in tact!

Chris Nica @ Isetan

Here's another favourite. And as I said before, I tend to buy ones I like in all shades possible. This is rather high, even for me. But It's still wearable for a few hours. At work, what I do is keep these under the desk and walk around in my slippers. But if I need to attend a meeting or meet the boss, slip on them power shoes and voila ~ Confidence!

I first found the leopard prints while shopping in Isetan for a clutch. The bags and shoes in Isetan KLCC are kept in the same area...uh oh! So, tried them on...NO SIZE!!! Walked away unhappy. A few days later, went out to what I thought would just be a window shopping session to Lot 10, and found my size there. I got these pair at about RM139, I think. Cant really remember now. But also saw the denim and yellow pair. Didn't buy them then. But as usual, wore the leopard, loved it, and went on another wild goose chase for the denim pair. Great news for me though, at the time I got the 2nd pair, it was on sale. So, happy and pleased because it's not a case of same design different colour. It was same design, but definitely meant for 2 different occasions. Casual and formal. Perfect.

So, there you go...a taste of my obsession. And this isn't the half of it!

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