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Handbags For Plus-Size

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So, what is the one essential a woman would and should never forget to bring with her? Her purse! A handbag. A pouch. A clutch. A bag. Anything to hold those little important bits - money, her smartphone, her cards, her lipstick, her tissue, her powder. Anything. Sometimes she'd carry a big bag that would also contain first aid kit, wet wipes, nail clipper, nail filer, pen etc. Yes, a woman is always with a bag.

I love my bags. I love matching clothes with bags. It may not match in colors, nor must it match with shoes (as I had stated in an earlier post), as long as it compliments the outfit. Bags, as we know it, comes in different shapes and sizes, apart from colour and material. Bags should not drown your outfit either. So, here are some ideas on what to wear with what on which occasion:

If you work in an office, there's a certain level of professionalism that you need to maintain. Outfits in a formal office requires for a non-flashy leather bag that is not too small nor too big. Be it leather or even PVC or fabric, one colour, simple designs are considered the better choice. While you might not be able to play much with the glittery side, you could always experiment with colours. Black and brown are the obvious choice, but don’t be scared to try bags that are red or purple. When you wear colour, just like work clothes, it exudes confidence. Also it conveys your emotion and mood. Always better to seem cheerful and happy. Black and brown gets boring, especially if you are wearing that same colour. When you wear black, it is always nicer to use coloured bags, and shoes. Try out prints. Leopards are the rave now. If your outfit is plain, print helps to provide the excitement to an otherwise dull outfit (Though I'd suggest to drop the dull clothes!). Suitable bags for work are: Structured bag, shoulder bags, hobos, doctor bags and even draw strings. Sometimes baquette works too, as long as you are one of those who uses a small purse.

Sergio Rossi Leopard Suede Shoulder Bag

Depends on your outfit, bags for casual wear is much easier to choose. In fact, we don't even need to match with anything. However, being the size that we are, do avoid real big bags. That just adds on to our "weight", visually. Contrary to popular belief, small bags does not make a woman look bigger. In fact, the lesser items you have on, the better. I think those so-called advises that plus-size woman should wear big bags are misguided and just silly. No, we do not want to put on more weight. So, for casual wear, bags like hobos, draw strings, totes are recommended. Don't ever wear crossbody if possible. Either have your bag over your shoulder, or carry over arm. But do avoid big prints. Even on clothes I suggest plus-sizes to NEVER wear big prints, either on clothes or even on bags. NO-NO!

Coach Laura Signature Tote

Now, here's my favourite! I am crazy over evening bags. My favourite at the moment is the minaudiere. Minaudiere became popular when Alexander McQueen came out with the skull designs. It inspired so many designs in the market now, in so many colours and sizes. Since evening wear is all about showing off your elegant dress or oozing of elegance, then always use a small bag/purse. So, apart from minaudiere, clutches and also tube clutches are recommended. Sometimes, even an envelope purse can look elegant. If you are wearing a glittery dress, then use only a simple 1 colour clutch. However, if your dress is a little black dress, that's when you can be playful and use diamonte kind of bags. Again, keep the size of your bag small. You do not want the headache and discomfort of carrying a big bag and definitely not to overshadow your outfit. Again, forget about taboo that plus-size cannot wear small bags. That is simply not true! As I had shown in my earlier blog, a small clutch can make that outfit complete.

Alexander McQueen Minaudière

Ok, so there you go. 3 basic wear for bags. Hope this helped.

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