Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Personal Shopper for Plus Size

So, me and a girlfriend have decided to venture into this business of helping plus size women find their ideal clothing. We've noticed some women struggle to find clothes that fits them, especially here in Malaysia. Unfortunately for us big girls here in Malaysia, everything is super small, even the L sizes. Yes, majority of Asian women are small. We even have size XS. We are stuck to shopping at Marks & Spencer, Ms Read, Flow, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, and to those on the borderline gets to shop in H&M, Wallis and some in-store brands in Parkson, Isetan & Robinsons. We have been doing our own little research and discovered, most of us big girls have to shop online for sizes 18 above and hope that it would fit them. But alas, most would buy just because the size is big. Not because it would look good on them. Whatever is available, they'll take...to their taste...and here's the problem. Some assumed that they are limited to a certain style and never dared to try something new.

So the past month, Linda and I have been clearing out our preloved clothes online, and have invited some of these lovely ladies to come by and try on our clothes before purchasing. Our taste are quite eclectic, so we had a wide range of styles. We had lotsa fun, and met so many interesting lovely ladies. Here we discovered that some size clothes would fit differently on different sizes. For example, Linda is a size UK18, but yet, she cant fit into a dress that a size 20 could. The built of a woman makes a lot of difference. There are certain size UK16 that I cant fit, and yet, there are size UK14 that I could.

Yes, yes, I know this is not new. But what we hope to do is help plus size women to discover what looks best on them. We're in the midst of starting the business - sourcing for a wide variety of clothes and accessories. We also have a shoemaker who could make-to-order shoes according to your sizes. Not all women are born with slender legs, so most boots sold in the market out there only caters to women with small calves.

If you think this is something that would help you, do give us your feedback on what other problems you encounter when it comes to fashion.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Plus Size Makeover

Last Dec 2014, I decided to leave the corporate world. I've tried dabbling into small businesses. In fact, I believe one should venture into multiple businesses, if you do not want to build a big empire. Like me, I am not one to sacrifice my time and money too much into work anymore. I do not wish to sacrifice whatever time left at my age to be stuck in the office, counting expenses. Being a single mother, I have given too much part to work that I missed out on spending enough time with my daughter. She is growing up way too fast. Turning 18 this year, and probably leaving the nest soon, I realised that I had missed out on her growing years.

Yes, initially, I thought I would get into fashion
retail, as this is one of my passion. I realised that big girls like myself find it difficult to find clothes that fits us, and most time we'd find clothes that does not flatter us. I have been told that I do dress well for someone my size. Somehow I am able to make myself presentable. Despite having a tummy (that I failed to get rid off after giving birth 18 years ago), I am still considered well, dare I say it, SEXY...Corporate smart is also a breeze too. And yes, somehow, as they say, "find these clothes in your size!?"

But I am not keen on the idea of keeping stocks. Inventory is not something I want to burden myself with if what I want is also freedom of time. So, after some deliberation, and some chats with real good friends, maybe I could get into the styling side of fashion. I would like to offer my service in makeover! Often, I get friends asking how I decided what works on me. So, why not let me help you change, look-wise.

Here's the plan: get in touch with me, and email me at shasharina@gmail.com, send me your photo, measurements if you can, and tell me what is the biggest problem you face.

Hope to hear from you. Have a good day, darls!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Rest & Relax!

Hey everyone. Sorry, been busy traveling the world. Will share some of my fave holiday looks with you. Being big shouldnt stop you from being comfortable. Just go ahead and be as casual you can be. You are after all on HOLIDAY! Why casual? Why lug around luggage after luggage when you need to go from one place to another? Why torture yourself with all them baggages? They are after all "baggages". Because of them, your flights become more expensive. Because of them, room space becomes important when you're barely in your room when on holiday.

Find a style you look good in, and find the material that is the lightest. For holidays, what's important is your shoes, and your sanity! One light sweater or a wrap is good enough for those cold nights if it's the warm season, and one trench coat and a damn good socks should be good in them cold weather...but of course, winters are never a favourite time to holiday! Why restrict yourself with all those layers when you should be out exploring and enjoying yourself?

For those with slimmer legs, shorts and shorts and shorts...pair your shorts with the right tops for the right occasions. If you have big thighs and calves, thin long skirts or thin long pants would be good. No, you should not wear shorts! Seriously, no matter how "small" you think you look up there, if you have trunks as legs, dont show it off. Sorry to be blunt, but if it's not proportionate, why flaunt them? It's called flaunt for a reason!

So, you cant find the right shorts? You've a big belly but small butt? Or big butt with small waistline? Keep searching, try them on, and then purchase. Never buy without trying. A big mistake I learned from...Allowed a sales woman who was obviously a body shamer, to get me to purchase 3 pairs of shorts supposedly on sale and until today, I cant wear them...TOO BIG! So, if I can get too big a short, I am sure you can find good ones just right for you. I would suggest outlets like Debenhams or Dorothy Perkins for plus sizes. But if you are just an XL or L in the "average" outlets like H&M or Kitschen, then, yeah, those places have good ones too...but if you want them high waisted, then no Kitschen please.

Now, not sure if you guys know this, but places like Tesco, and Isetan also have plus sizes clothing. I was extremely happy to find a pair of shorts (they have many big ones actually) in Tesco, and it was a size S! hahahahaha! One of my fave pair of shorts too. And even Aeon, under the Scarlet brand, has shorts up to XXL size. So, go check them out.

So what should you match your shorts with? Depending on your body type. Again, comfort is important. But if you're gonna constantly be sucking in your tummy while on holiday, perhaps that style isnt for you. As much as I am an advocate of corset, you do not want to go on a beach holiday with it! If you will end up with a muffin top with the shorts on, do not wear t-shirts that are tight around the tummy. Do not put on crop tops! Do get yourself those short kaftan blouse. These usually comes in real thin materials. But if you like t-shirts so much, then try to find those a-line kinds. The ones with a wider open bottom. If you like straps/tanks, then get the babydoll types. Those are cute so long as your arms are cute too. Unfortunately for Me, I have huge-ass arms! It's in the genes....damn it!

So here are some samples of how I look at holidays...beach holidays that is...