Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Plus Size Makeover

Last Dec 2014, I decided to leave the corporate world. I've tried dabbling into small businesses. In fact, I believe one should venture into multiple businesses, if you do not want to build a big empire. Like me, I am not one to sacrifice my time and money too much into work anymore. I do not wish to sacrifice whatever time left at my age to be stuck in the office, counting expenses. Being a single mother, I have given too much part to work that I missed out on spending enough time with my daughter. She is growing up way too fast. Turning 18 this year, and probably leaving the nest soon, I realised that I had missed out on her growing years.

Yes, initially, I thought I would get into fashion
retail, as this is one of my passion. I realised that big girls like myself find it difficult to find clothes that fits us, and most time we'd find clothes that does not flatter us. I have been told that I do dress well for someone my size. Somehow I am able to make myself presentable. Despite having a tummy (that I failed to get rid off after giving birth 18 years ago), I am still considered well, dare I say it, SEXY...Corporate smart is also a breeze too. And yes, somehow, as they say, "find these clothes in your size!?"

But I am not keen on the idea of keeping stocks. Inventory is not something I want to burden myself with if what I want is also freedom of time. So, after some deliberation, and some chats with real good friends, maybe I could get into the styling side of fashion. I would like to offer my service in makeover! Often, I get friends asking how I decided what works on me. So, why not let me help you change, look-wise.

Here's the plan: get in touch with me, and email me at, send me your photo, measurements if you can, and tell me what is the biggest problem you face.

Hope to hear from you. Have a good day, darls!

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