Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Personal Shopper for Plus Size

So, me and a girlfriend have decided to venture into this business of helping plus size women find their ideal clothing. We've noticed some women struggle to find clothes that fits them, especially here in Malaysia. Unfortunately for us big girls here in Malaysia, everything is super small, even the L sizes. Yes, majority of Asian women are small. We even have size XS. We are stuck to shopping at Marks & Spencer, Ms Read, Flow, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, and to those on the borderline gets to shop in H&M, Wallis and some in-store brands in Parkson, Isetan & Robinsons. We have been doing our own little research and discovered, most of us big girls have to shop online for sizes 18 above and hope that it would fit them. But alas, most would buy just because the size is big. Not because it would look good on them. Whatever is available, they'll take...to their taste...and here's the problem. Some assumed that they are limited to a certain style and never dared to try something new.

So the past month, Linda and I have been clearing out our preloved clothes online, and have invited some of these lovely ladies to come by and try on our clothes before purchasing. Our taste are quite eclectic, so we had a wide range of styles. We had lotsa fun, and met so many interesting lovely ladies. Here we discovered that some size clothes would fit differently on different sizes. For example, Linda is a size UK18, but yet, she cant fit into a dress that a size 20 could. The built of a woman makes a lot of difference. There are certain size UK16 that I cant fit, and yet, there are size UK14 that I could.

Yes, yes, I know this is not new. But what we hope to do is help plus size women to discover what looks best on them. We're in the midst of starting the business - sourcing for a wide variety of clothes and accessories. We also have a shoemaker who could make-to-order shoes according to your sizes. Not all women are born with slender legs, so most boots sold in the market out there only caters to women with small calves.

If you think this is something that would help you, do give us your feedback on what other problems you encounter when it comes to fashion.

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