Wednesday, 18 January 2017

So what!?

Hey everyone...Happy New Year 2017. Another year's passed, and again, I've failed to update regularly. Sorry about that. Been traveling, though that's no excuse, and been just not-so-camera-ready. Not look wise, just not all that much into selfies. I am now realising that it is very important to have a willing photographer at hand! hahahahah!

So have been exploring more shops or retailers with plus-size clothes here in KL. And at the same time figuring out about my potential business plan. I have been trying to set-up an online retail biz just for plus-size and it's been an adventure to say the least. Not easy for sure. But also the fact that I am now on the "smaller" side of the plus-size community. Losing weight has allowed me to find clothes at "normal" retail shops as I can now fit into large M's and also the standard L's and XL's. And what would look good on Me may not look good on other actual plus-sizes.

Research has not been easy as a lot of these ladies are also very shy to meet up. Most ladies I have met seem to have that mind set that they only look good in certain styles and are not willing to explore into other styles. I want to be able to convince them that some body shape even though large can wear Lindy-bob dresses, and even bodycon. They just need to be willing to ignore their buldges and believe they do look good.

So what my arm is big. So what my thighs are wide. I look good! I believe I do, and I can pull off any styles.

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