Friday, 3 January 2014

Swing Out Sista!

How was day 1 at work in 2014? I know many would still be on holiday and will probably start afresh next week. Today, I decided to get dress for success...lame! For work, I chose to wear a lovely swing dress I bought from Wallis. This is another versatile dress. Sleeveless and knee length. The skirt however is not straight. It is actually a mullet. But just about 4 inches fall at the back. It also comes with a thin black belt. Now, to ensure I get the waistline for this, I wore my corset.

So, for work, I needed to make myself look professional. For that just add on a jacket. And anyway, work won't allow sleeveless. I guess it was my only choice really. With this kind of dress, dont wear long jacket. Keep it short or otherwise it will hide the flow of the skirt. It is a swing dress after all.

So, this very same outfit can also be worn in the evening. Just remove the jacket! As simple as that.

Good start to the new year? I think so. A senior management person in my office actually complimented me for the first time today :) That sure made my day.


Anonymous said...

how long is that jacket? does it fall on your hips?

Shasha Shahabudin said...

It falls just on the pelvic.