Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Plus-size Animal!

So we're now in the second week of work. Are you still wearing boring work clothes? Still sticking with plain black and whites? Still wearing boring pumps?

Ever thought of wearing animal print? Well, here's a few tips on wearing animal prints.

1. Don't use big prints - if it's leopard, make sure it's the smaller or actual size. Again, being plus-size, we do not want the prints to overpower the outfit. The fact that we're big, there are more "space" for these things, hence big prints will just add to the weight.

2. Don't wear full print unless it is a dress - Leave it either on the skirt or the top, never both. Or if it's on your shoes, don't wear it on anything else, except for bags. Again, I can't stress enough how important it is to keep prints small or minimal if you are a plus-size. Always complement the print with plain items. Make sure the colour matches. my belt was a bit loose here, but that just means I've lost weight and need to do some shopping! Yay!!!

3. If you are already wearing the print on your clothes, don't have it as accessory. Lets not over-do it. It's just an eye-sore. We know how plus-sizes are often bullied. So, don't give opportunity to these bullies to call you animal names!

4. If it's a jacket, make sure the top and bottom are plain. For example, a plain white or black t-shirt with jeans, or slacks.

We're all in leopards..and it wasn't planned!

5. Wear animal prints that are in their natural colour, or closer to it. Don't go wearing pink leopards, or purple zebra lines. Again, being plus size, we'll just make it too loud. That's not appealing. Yes, we do want attention. But not negative attention.

So, who said plus-size can't and shouldn't wear animal prints? Do I look bad? Please be honest!


Nikki said...

yeay!!! i made it on your blog!! muah!!!

And no way you look bad girl! You look smashing! love u!!!!

Shasha Shahabudin said...

Hehhehe....good friends will always find a place in my blog :)