Sunday, 19 January 2014

Long Weekend Away!

Hello, lovely ladies...So, another long weekend came and went. With Thaipusam on 17th January 2014, we Malaysians got our last long weekend before Chinese New Year.

Whilst you were out enjoying yourself, unfortunately for me, I was at work. Work weekend or not, I prefer to be well-dressed. Or so I hope. Here's some weekend look I think any plus-size person could pull-off:

Jeans are always welcomed over the weekend. With a plain white shirt, I added this beautiful pink Versace scarf to add more colour to it. And weekends are when we'd wear our big-ass bags. So, what would match it best if not the coral YSL easy bag. This is a casual but stylish look, I would say. But yeah, a bit of effort needs to be put in from the wearer.

So, if you are the lazy kind, here are 3 solutions:

Simple casual clothes, dressed down and comfortable. But these are clothes for your off days. Please don't wear them to work. I have seen some plus-size women guilty of dressing down for work. Of course it depends on your work environment, but being plus-size, wearing it too casual can be bad. If you still insist, at least team them up with the right accessories.


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