Sunday, 12 January 2014

Plus-size hair makeover

It's now two weeks into 2014, and I thought maybe it was time for a makeover. Something to start the new year...a fresh new look. I'll be turning 40 next year, and yet I dont feel it. I remember as a child how I saw 40 as OLD. But here I am at 38, and still think I am in my early 30s instead. I know some would say I am just in denial. But truthfully speaking, I dont feel my age. Is that bad? I see women younger than me looking older. Or maybe it's their behaviour. So, maybe it is me being in denial. Hahahah.

Anyway, this afternoon, I went to my hairstylist and told him about my problematic curly hair. Of course it was all freezy and dry. So naturally, a typical stylist will insist treatment first before anything else. Then I told him I needed a trim as I do have thick hair. And I said I needed a change. Out came the book and he suggested 4 inches and more to dispose! After 5 mins of deliberation, and half an hour of treatment and shoulder massage, I agreed to the cut. And here's the end result.

I am wearing another version of the tie and dye dress that I bought in Bangkok, along with a synthetic leather (aka PVC la sebenarnya) bag that actually has my name on it. Match that with the blue shoes I bought from Opera, that helped elongated my figure. I looked taller! The hair definitely made me look younger too. So, heels do help to give you length!

I feel great. And I am ready to rock 2014!


Linda said...


Shasha Shahabudin said...

woke up this morning and I am still lovin the hair!

feifei Ngow said...

Cantek giler amoi ni ;)

Shasha Shahabudin said...

Thank you! tapi kena lose weight lagi