Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jeans for Plus-Size

So apparently some women, like myself, have difficulty finding the right pair of jeans. This is a must-have in our wardrobe, darlings. Yes, jeans. Every women should have at least a pair. Not going to waste time talking about the history of jeans. But we all crave to own a Levi's 501. Unfortunately for me, being a plus-size, I never owned one. At least not the original. Unless you are rich, the only way to get plus sizes is from abroad. The problem with Malaysian fashion buyers for big brands are they just cater to slim women.

Growing up, I always had a problem with jeans. I am what you'd call a pear shape. Bottom heavy. My butt was so big that my mum would always tease me. As we all know, jeans are great to accentuate your butt. Heck, we women oogle over men's butts in jeans. Yummy! Anyway, back to us ladies. Especially us plus-size women, it is hard to find one that fits well. For me personally, I've always had to buy jeans 1 size bigger. And this is to fit my butt. I dare not tuck in my top because it would just show how loose the jeans is around my waist. And now, as I got older, surprise surprise, I start losing my butt and I can no longer buy pure denim jeans.

What's my solution? Spandex! Jeggings! Anything that makes the jeans stretch! And being plus-size, you have no choice but to buy mommy jeans. Yes, those high-waisted pair. Please stop being in denial, and admit that we cannot really feel comfortable in those sexy low-cut jeans. Yes, those young sexy Guess? models may be able to pull it off, but that's just it...they're young and sexy!

So, where would I buy them? 3 retail stores come to mind.

1. Dorothy Perkins
2. BHS (I only know of the store in Bangsar Village)
3. Marks & Spencer

Now, what types would suit what body? Let me share my own personal opinion.

For those vertically challenged plus-size women like myself, there are only 2 types you should wear. Skinny jeans and bootcut.

Skinny is good when you have something long on top. Or if your tummy isn't as bulat as mine, then keep the top short. But what skinny does is that it makes your legs look longer. Unfortunately if you have big hips and small ankles, DON'T wear skinny jeans! It just makes you look even shorter and bigger really. It then shows your heavy parts. Skinny jeans are denim mix with spandex. So it stretches. My hips are huge, but I think because my calves are and ankle are proportionately big too, it just looks ok. This skinny jeans I got from Dot Perks! On a good day (during sale of course), they go at RM96 or sometimes RM169 for 2. Great bargain for Me!

Bootcut is another good silhouette for plus-size. What it does is it balances our heavy parts. Bootcut jeans with spandex fabric infused in the denim is an overall body slimming magic! But again, the top plays an important role nonetheless. Don't wear long tops with bootcut. Then everything looks big from top to bottom. Bootcuts are good to hide big calves. What I am doing wrong in the photo below is that I wore bootcut with slippers! Selipar jamban tak sesuai. But what the heck, I was on holiday in Mauritius here! So what shoes would work? Well, boots for sure. But yeah, we're in hot and humid Malaysia and boots are not recommended as they're suitable for winter or some extra fun that we wont go into here... So, no boots for bootcut? Of course with the right occasion, go ahead. But what would look nice is a pair of wedges! and of course sexy red high heels!

If you still can't find the perfect jeans, tackle jeggings instead. This is godsend, I tell ya. Jeggings are flattering and comfortable. Go playful with colours. Red, blue, pink. Have fun with it. Check out the photo below...need I say more?

But before you make any purchase, please do try them on. When you do, try sitting down. Walk in them, jump if you can. Make sure it fits you nicely. And seriously, don't attempt low cuts unless you are ready to constantly pull up your jeans all the time, especially when you get up. It's not flattering, darling! Another important thing to consider, the butt part. Make sure that fits nicely too. Loose behind just makes for sloppy style.

oh! Another important thing when choosing your jeans...when you try them on, pull it up nicely, and make sure there is no CAMEL TOE!!! yucks!

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