Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow

Today was made special when I got to catch up with my girlfriends over dinner and drinks...and lots of laughter. Of course it also came with some sulking and bitching. And when we left the restaurant, Juanita gave me the third compliment for my favourite red shoes. Yes, the third. And honey, having people to say they like what you wear is definitely a pick-me-upper.

It all started in the morning. As usual, I woke up with heavy heart. When you are unhappy with work, waking up will always be difficult. And of course it doesnt help that my car has been misbehaving. So, all in all, it hasn't really been a great few weeks for me. I also was at a lost as to what to wear for work. Found a black and white top from Debenhams that I haven't worn for quite a while, squeezed my fat ass into a Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt and rushed out to work. And if my cute new neighbour saw me scoot off to work, he'd probably shake his head. There I was all dressed up, but wearing my cotton on slippers! Selipar jamban as we would lovingly call it here in Malaysia!

You see, my car is basically a shoe rack. I have at least 4 pairs of shoes on standby in the car. In assorted colours for different clothes. After a rather surprising smooth drive to the office, I parked the car in my reserved bay, I looked back at my choices and decided to wear my favourite red shoes. As I had chosen a rather dull ensemble of clothing, I knew I had to add in a pop of colour. With my laptop bag saddled on my shoulder, an unfamiliar lady smiled at me and said, "I love your shoes." Ting ting ting...a smile crept up on my lips. What a great feeling that got me. I suddenly catwalked my way up to my desk. You know that effect you see in the movies where the actor appears as though they are floating? That was how I felt...funny how a compliment from a perfect stranger could make you feel good. 

Now, that's just the morning. Of course by now you'd realised how easy it is to make me happy. I was feeling confident and on top of this world. Today was supposed to be a full day for me. From organising and delegating work between my staffs, having lunch with a colleague and then 2 meetings to attend back to back. But when you know you look good, it boosts your confidence, and trust me, it shows. See, even a plus-size woman can exube confidence. I was absolutely motivated today, despite waking up like a zombie.

After lunch, I was filled with ideas and feeling very productive. Happily chatting with my staff whom I know absolutely hates me. Even came up with some last minute idea for an event! And as I was preparing to attend my first meeting, a male colleague came up to me, and whispered, "I love your shoes." Yes, the exact same words. Second time of the day! I knew there was a good reason why red is my favourite colour!

My confidence went up sky high. Again, I continued walking with my head held up high. I absolutely love this feeling. This is why I believe we should always make an effort in choosing our wardrobe. Being plus-size doesn't mean it's the end of the world. 

Then by late afternoon, my day got better when my bestfriend buzzed me for a catch up. Made even better when another friend also managed to join us. It is always great when you get girlfriends together, chit chating, bitching, grumbling, laughing. Genuine friendship.

Then as we were leaving Delicious, Juanita said, "I love your shoes" and that just made my day complete. I told them about the other two identical compliments, and how it has absolutely made my day. My top and skirt were like the accessories today.

And I am still smiling as I typed all this down. Somewhere over the rainbow...tap it, Dorothy.

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