Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Plus-size Dress tips

How was your Sunday? I had gone out with my bff for some dimsum and did some window shopping. Yes, you heard me, window shopping. After Bangkok, I've successfully refrained myself from shopping. Sure, a little here and there for my daughter is not shopping. Then again, I am saving up for my next trip.

Anyway, considering I have not gone shopping, nor trying out clothes so much, I thought why not make a list of some of the obvious tips for us plus-size girls in picking the right dress. I've tried em all, and will share with you what I personally think works for us big girls. And then, I will also point out what's a no-no for us too.

Dresses - my favourite. I must admit, at one time, I hated wearing dresses. I always felt it made me look even shorter. But with the right length, and the right design, dresses are great silhouette for plus-sizes. The most important factor is your body shape and size.

If you’ve got a lot of curves, but not so much height, shopping for a dress can seem like a daunting task. You’ll drown in a floor-length dress, and ankle-length hemlines will make you look even shorter than you are. What does work for you? Dresses that falls right at the knee. Keeping your calves visible will elongate your legs, while covering your thighs will create sleeker lines in your figure. Me...I am a shorty! So, ideally, knee-length dress is the way to go.

Swing dress helps create waistline. It will provide an hourglass look that all women seek. Of course not including waifs. With swing dress, nice to add in a belt. Thin belt. Unless you really do have shape, then by all means use the wide belt. Please don't wear figure hugging dresses if you do not have a flat tummy. In Malay, we call those who wears close fitting clothes - SARUNG NANGKA. No, we do not want to look like those fabric farmers wrap their jackfruits with. We celebrate our curves, not our tummy.

When wearing these dresses, pick designs that aren't too big. For example, big flowers will just make you look wider. It will look as though you are wearing your curtain.

Even a dress in the same shape and size, when it has bolder wider prints will just make you look bigger. This is more obvious when it is a shift dress. Shifts are good as long as your tummy does not show. Also to consider, the size of your arm. If you, like me, inherited big arms from the glorious gene pool, avoid sleeveless.

But if you are tall, and plus-size, you can get away with anything. Height definitely helps hide your fats. Below are photos of my bestfriend wearing the exact same dress as me, and looking gorgeous. The kaftan dress looks way better on her, and she is not overpowered by it. On me, it just became top heavy and seriously frumpy! I looked like a midget it in. Now, with this, make sure to pair them with a plain handbag and shoes either in black, or brown. I don't agree with some that says to wear with bright colours. I just feel it would add on to the already busy design.

Other dresses to consider are of course the timeless vintage style. These are dresses that anyone can pull off. Ok ok, with the exception of ME! The strapless figure hugging dress works for plus-sizes. You don't have to be skinny to look good. Add a statement necklace with it, and a contrasting purse, and you are set for a great night out. You should wear high heels with this dress. Flats will be too boring when you have such a hot dress on.

I love the wide collared dress. Very 60s. It adds drama to the rather plain dress really. And if you have these wide collars, DON'T wear any necklaces. Keep the earrings small. Do not wear with dangling earrings. This dress is cute to wear with flats. Can't help but imagine Maria walking to meet Captain Von Trapp for the first time, singing her way to win the hearts of the kids. I love vintage design!

I hope these tips helped you. Any more ideas would be great too. I would love to hear your opinions as well. Some of these dresses are for sale. Let me know if you'd like to have a view of what is available from my collection. Do leave your comments below! Cheers!


abracabling said...

babe, i am in LOVE with the black, white n red dress with sleeves!! bak sini please. tengs! love u lah!! hihi

Shasha Shahabudin said...

Like I said, jom go shopping! Debenhams is the bombs!