Monday, 3 February 2014

Plus-size at the Beach

It's been over a week since I last posted. Sorry about that. Have been busy at work, and now a long break. Been busy planning my next holiday trip too.

I was recently in the company of over 20 shallow Malay men. Sadly, it just reinforces my perception of them. More than mere perception when I got to experience how narrow minded they are too. Perhaps it is men in general and not just that specific race. But alas, this experience was with that race. But who would want to hear my rant about being the "butt" of their fat jokes, right?

Anyway, as I mentioned, I am planning a getaway. Been so busy with work, and traveling for work, I realised I needed a real break. One that does not involve shopping. I've yet to decide on a destination, but a beach holiday would be ideal. I know not many of us big girls like beach holidays. Wearing swimsuits scares the s%$# out of me. I haven't gone scuba diving for this very same reason. I hate wearing those weights just so I could sink into the sea. I hate wearing wet suits because it shows my unflattering figure. So many people are surprised that I have a diving licence. As usual, people are surprised that fat people have hobbies. They just assumed we are lazy and not into extreme activities. I just get so uncomfortable when people who are thin says they look like whales when they sun bathe. So, I've been avoiding beach holidays for the longest time until I lose my weight. But I love the sun, sea and sand too much. And I miss it so bad now.

Well, lucky for us plus-size gals, there are brands which carries swim wears that "covers" somehow. A favourite of mine is Marks & Spencer. I love their tummy control swimsuits. It has a concealed control panel within the swimsuit, just at the tummy area, obviously. The swimsuit stays tight at the belly part, but you may bulge a little. Of course, when you're not in the water, best to wear a kaftan.
Debenhams also carries plus-sizes swimsuits. But they do not have the tummy control types here in KL. If you travel abroad and come across Debenhams, try to scout for the plus sizes tummy control ones. They are far cheaper than Marks & Spencer.

Shirt dresses are also an option to the beach. Thin cotton types or chiffon are suitable for the beach and the pool as it won't get heavy when wet. But I prefer kaftans. I would usually wear my kaftans with shorts. And of course as a silhouette, pick bright colours. Being by the sea, black is not an option unless you want to keep warm and sweaty as the heat is absorbed. Choose bright colours or design. Being our size, AVOID big white kaftans. As cliche as the idea of a white shirt being sexy, unless the shirt is cut with a waist line, big girls should not wear big white shirt as it really adds on the pounds! I personally like chiffon kaftans as they dry up so fast. In fact, you can just wash it and still wear it again the next day. Of course, fashion forward people won't want to be seen in the same clothes 2 days in a row. But hey, to the beach, it's the swimsuit that matters.

You can also opt for a maxi dress, This is an easy choice as you only need to slip it on. Again, choose those made of chiffon or anything thin. It will dry up fast and wont cling to the body. Plus-size ladies should try to avoid thick cotton t-shirts. Wet look is just not appealing on women our size.

Jerseys which are often made into beachwears are only for times when you know you won't get wet. This is an excellent example of heavy wet clothes. Maybe a night out or during lunches. But not to cover your wet suits. They tend to get real heavy, and do not dry up fast enough. Tie & dyes are the trend right now. Wear that for the night out to party or dinner. Or just a walk on the beach.

Now, these won't be complete without accessories. Bead necklaces are perfect to wear as it won't get spoiled by the water. Even those made of wood. But try to get them in the city, and not at your holiday destinations. Usually those sold at beach holidays are double the price it is actually worth. However, if your clothes already has a busy design, try to avoid chunky accessories. These blue stones I bought in Bangkok would be suitable for plain thin cotton dresses for those evening outings.

During the day, wearing a chunky wooden bangle will add colour to your look, especially if you do wear those plain kaftans or even the swim suit. And they don't spoil easily. Accessories for beach holidays should not be those flashy diamontes. Those made of beads, fabric, shells are better options. Again, wearing these are meant to compliment the clothes you wear, not overpower them.

Other accessories that would look good for island getaways are these:

To finish-off this look, add on a big straw hat - which I know we all love but have no opportunity to wear in the city - put on your favourite big sunglasses and wear your head up high.

Lets go to the beach!!!

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