Monday, 3 March 2014

Casual Friday for Plus Size

Oh wow...I can't wait. In 2 days time I will be in Bali. Will try to keep in touch as much as I can. You know how bad internet connection is in all this holiday spots. But in some ways, I am glad not to be connected. Sometimes a little privacy is what we need in this day and age.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some ideas for casual Friday. Where I work, we have casual Friday where a staff is allowed to wear jeans that one day of the week. Of course, casual means still looking smart. It is still a corporate world after all.

Here are some of the looks I'd go for on that TGIF moment.

Last Friday, I chose to wear my white mullet shirt. You don't really get to see the tail in this photo, but it is a good 6 inches longer than the front. So, it isn't just an ordinary shirt. I know many would avoid white shirt. I usually do. But worn with the right bottom and accessories, it can flatter a full figure too. When you buy a shirt, unless you are wearing a corset, don't get smaller sizes or one that fits tightly to your figure. Let it loose.

I wore this with my light blue jeggings, and added in this colourful bib necklace I got from Bangkok. I love bib necklaces. But those I found in KL looks very cheap. And the nicer ones are of course expensive. And of course, what look is complete without a handbag. I love this YSL easy bag as it casual yet sleek enough to make this an office attire. Usually I'd have my hair loose on Friday. But everyone's got a bad hair day sometimes.

Next is another way of wearing the white shirt. I did share this particular photo before. A different white shirt. Got this from Debenhams and it has a knot at the front. Paired this with my straight-cut jeans, and again the YSL bag. What is different is the scarf. Indeed it can look too matchy-matchy where you start wearing same colours on yourself, but I think this has the subtle approach to it. The Versace scarf is leopard print in light pink., there you go. Some ideas for casual Friday for us plus-size gals. If you have some of your own ideas you'd like to share, please do buzz me. It would be great to hear your thoughts too.

Anyway, HAPPY MONDAY everyone!