Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New Journey Begins

Well, hello again, my friends. Life has been quite a roller coaster ride since I last blogged. It has been quite a ride indeed. So many things happened that made me stop blogging for a bit. Had to sort out my life, my goals, my future. Started with the trip to Bali. March 8. Was sunbathing on Seminyak beach. I was soaking in the morning sun when I received msgs about the tragic disappearance of MH370. Since then, I've worn this bracelet which I bought from a lady peddling along the beach. Kinda like a reminder that life is indeed short. I can't imagine how it would be like if I was somewhat "involved" in that. Very sad.

Then, a month later, I was admitted into hospital to discover I have an abnormal esophagus that caused me to get acid reflux. Which then led to the discovery being a diabetic but type 2. 2 reasons - my dad has it, so I get it too...but the worse reason is of course, I am overweight. The most exercise I do is walking while shopping. Not good ya! Laziness was the obvious reason. I knew I had to make a change.

Since then I have been looking after my weight and of course my health. Diet has not been great. Slow...but surely. From a size 16, and sometimes 18, depending on the cutting of the clothing item, I am now down to a 14, and maybe 12 on certain styles. Not much of a drop, but at least I am losing weight. It felt good just trying on clothes. I dare not shop so much these days in case I lose more weight. One thing I know I will not shop for right now are jeans. Nope. It is still a challenge to find the right jeans to wear. The weight loss has caused me to lose so much meat from my ass! yeah...crude...but true! I lost my butt! So, beli cantik mana pun, once you see me from behind, you'd ask, "where's her ass?" grrrr

So, lately I've been wearing lots of skirts...everything with skirts! I am on a skirt obsession. Not even skinny jeans can help me! It's just skirts, dresses...and even short jumpsuits. No pants for miss!

Anyway, I am back and I will continue sharing my thoughts on fashion, and what I personally think would suit someone my size - more or less. Have seen ladies smaller than me wearing really ugly clothes. Sayang...And big girls...stop buying aunty clothes. There are plus-sizes clothes that can actually make you look better. I won't say slimmer because why bother deceiving, just make the best of what we are for now.

But I will also share my journey on weight loss. Share ways to help you lose the weight. Do it for yourself, for your health. For your loved ones.

Isn't your love worth the effort? Follow me on this new journey...I have so much more to share.


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